Curse of Strahd Miniatures

Like many others in the community I’ve been playing Curse of Strahd: A Dungeons & Dragons Sourcebook, and like others I’ve decided to 3D Print & paint a few of the miniatures you will meet throughout the introductory session Death House.

All minicatures were printed on a FlashForge Finder 3D Printer with default settings.

The models I used were downloaded from Thingiverse, and are all amazing; shout out to the gracious creators for sharing their work (see links below):

Dungeon Brawl

In order to re-familiarize myself with MongoDB I decided to write a little web application utilizing it as a backend datastore.

Dungeon Brawl is a Python Flask app that runs inside Docker with the help of docker-compose.

Using this application a Dungeon Master can easily track all things combat for their Dungeons and Dragons group.

Grab the source code from Github, or check out a demo.

Arkham Horror lives up to it's name

Last night the wife and I were able to give Arkham Horror our first attempt,
and I have to say, this game lives up to it’s name.

I love how each Location, Other World, and Mythos card all have a small story to add to the game.

For example, one of the Mythos cards we drew was a Headline. This headline read much like a newspaper article and described how more murders by a particular killer (I forgot the murders name) have popped up in one of the city districts, until caught (success die roll) he murders one ally from our Ally deck until all allies have murdered.

This was merely one card story which added to the depth of the game we played, and I loved it! It added a depth which most games do not offer, I felt I really needed to safe those citizens!

In the end however, the wife and I lost the game, though it did give us a much better understanding of the mechanics, and we had a fantastic time. Next play Arkham will be saved, you can count on it!
Photo Jan 14, 8 35 37 PM