Telegraf and missing CPU interrupts

As I’ve been playing around with Telegraf and Grafana, I’ve noticed CPU interrupts and context switches are not apart of the standard metric gathering.

We know vmstat shows this information, and can be shown it in a easy processable list form:

$ vmstat -s
 1016888 K total memory
 497920 K used memory
 184412 K active memory
 173296 K inactive memory
 518968 K free memory
 70276 K buffer memory
 86416 K swap cache
 522236 K total swap
 88460 K used swap
 433776 K free swap
 18175 non-nice user cpu ticks
 0 nice user cpu ticks
 17799 system cpu ticks
 172172 idle cpu ticks
 7214 IO-wait cpu ticks
 0 IRQ cpu ticks
 2412 softirq cpu ticks
 0 stolen cpu ticks
 227755 pages paged in
 986944 pages paged out
 2353 pages swapped in
 121572 pages swapped out
 458705 interrupts
 1467529 CPU context switches
 1461773910 boot time
 3456 forks

I decided to hack together a little exec plugin for Telegraf using a Python script,
running the script will get you standard out JSON:

$ /
 "CPU context switches": 1487011,
 "IO-wait cpu ticks": 7375,
 "IRQ cpu ticks": 0,
 "K active memory": 190392,
 "K buffer memory": 70756,
 "K free memory": 512988,
 "K free swap": 433776,
 "K inactive memory": 173296,
 "K swap cache": 86560,
 "K total memory": 1016888,
 "K total swap": 522236,
 "K used memory": 503900,
 "K used swap": 88460,
 "boot time": 1461773910,
 "forks": 3607,
 "idle cpu ticks": 183663,
 "interrupts": 465536,
 "nice user cpu ticks": 0,
 "non-nice user cpu ticks": 18424,
 "pages paged in": 227767,
 "pages paged out": 990560,
 "pages swapped in": 2353,
 "pages swapped out": 121572,
 "softirq cpu ticks": 2418,
 "stolen cpu ticks": 0,
 "system cpu ticks": 17902

The script is a little hacky, but gets the job done for these test:

#!/usr/bin/env python
import commands
import json

output = {}
raw = commands.getstatusoutput('vmstat -s')
raw = raw[1].split('\n')

for row in raw:
    value = int(row.split()[0])
    key = ' '.join(row.split()[1:])
    output[key] = value

print json.dumps(output)

All that is left is to add this script to Telegraf as a plugin:

$ cat /etc/telegraf/telegraf.d/cpu.conf
 command = "/"
 data_format = "json"
 name_suffix = "_cpu"
 interval = "5s"

And now we have access to all the counters shown in vmstat:

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.59.11 AM

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