Holiday stocking stuffer ideas for the Kids

Zombie Dice is fantastic quick played dice game. My kids love it, and their friends they introduce to it want to buy it for their house.

You take on the role of a Zombie, and try to eat as many brains as possible in a single turn,however; if you get shot in the head too many times all those brains were for nothing!

The best part about this game is it’s travel size, easy to setup and cleanup (just dice),and only cost about $11

A Game of Catan

The Saturday two days after Thanksgiving seems like a perfect time to play Settlers of
. This is one of the best strategic games I own, and we love to play it as a family.

Below we got my two sons ready to start placement of roads, settlements, and cities!


And another action shoot of the wife giving a hand on resource collection.


This was when we decided to take a short snack break, YUM!! As you can see the game
is getting intense!