That’s no moon, it’s a space station.

Yesterday my copy of Star Wars X-Wing miniature game arrived in the mail. And I have to say, this game is amazing if you are into strategic space based dog fights and strategy games in general.

I really enjoyed that the game was not played on a grid system, but instead uses a template for movement. It helps to add to the strategy and immersion. Overall I love how movement works with a facedown dial!

Photo Jan 08, 4 51 13 PM

My kids love Star Wars, and they loved this game! I will defiantly be buying additional ships in the very near future. It should be a blast to play with the Millennium Falcon!

Photo Jan 08, 6 46 13 PM

For more game play footage have a peek at the Tabletop episode

And lastly there are some great tutorial videos on the Fantasy Flight website.

Holiday stocking stuffer ideas for the Kids

Zombie Dice is fantastic quick played dice game. My kids love it, and their friends they introduce to it want to buy it for their house.

You take on the role of a Zombie, and try to eat as many brains as possible in a single turn,however; if you get shot in the head too many times all those brains were for nothing!

The best part about this game is it’s travel size, easy to setup and cleanup (just dice),and only cost about $11