Pandemic and Samuel Adams

Just got our copy of Pandemic in the mail, couldn’t pass up on this great deal.

The wife has been really excited about this one, opened up the box and poured a beer.

We just glanced over the rule book until the wife’s finals are over, but excited to see if we can save humanity, or die horribly!

Photo Dec 10, 7 24 53 PM

Photo Dec 10, 7 24 34 PM

If you’ve not seen game play of Pandemic, check out this great video by TableTop:

A Game of Catan

The Saturday two days after Thanksgiving seems like a perfect time to play Settlers of
. This is one of the best strategic games I own, and we love to play it as a family.

Below we got my two sons ready to start placement of roads, settlements, and cities!


And another action shoot of the wife giving a hand on resource collection.


This was when we decided to take a short snack break, YUM!! As you can see the game
is getting intense!