A Game of Life in Unity

Took a little break from my Disc Golf Game to do a bit of AI programming in Unity.

What I ended up with was a simple Game of Life with rabbits trying to survive. Each rabbit has a growing hunger and thirst which if not addressed will result in death. The population is also broken into male and female rabbits which can reproduce.

Check out a couple minutes of the simulation running at realtime speed:

Humble Bundle Store and Bitcoin!

Realized the other day The Humble Bundle accepts Bitcoin! This is fantastic as a couple of my other post talk about mining Bitcoins.

One of the first games I purchased with Bitcoin was DLC Quest, it only cost me about $0.75 in Bitcoin, and was well worth the time it took to mine said coins.


It only took me about 2 days to complete the game, but it is hilarious.

Also worked with my XBOX 360 controller!

If you are still unaware of what Bitcoin is, I suggest having a peak at Try Bitcoin, you will end up with a wallet, some coin and a good explanation.

Happy mining!