Minted my first Unique Ravencoin Art Asset

Using my newly created main asset I minted my first Ravencoin art asset, one of my hand painted Warhammer miniatures Erik Wolfeye!

To keep things exciting going to do a peer to peer trade on Twitter!

Diablo RPG Style Inventory System in Unity

This weekend felt like a good time to tackle something new.

After successfully prototyping a 3D Disc Golf Game, and then a Game of Life-Simulation, I wanted to explore more of the user interface side.

I decided to build an Inventory management system, also decided it best to create a new project, this way I can build the Inventory as a re-usable module for more than one project.

It didn’t take much time for me to decide on a Diablo-style inventory where each item needs to fix within like a puzzle piece.

I bounced a couple of ideas of my son, and we both agreed on a mathematical solution using a single 2d-array would be the best solution (you can see this 2d-array representation in the debugger below).

With the code functionality solid I set out of re-skinning the components using some art assets I had from a past Humble Bundle.

Each of these Unity ScriptableObjects had names and descriptions, so next I tackled the Mouse hover display popover using another Unity Canvas.

Lastly I need a 3D world representation of the Item. I also needed a way to Pickup from the world, and Drop from the Inventory to the world.

A Game of Life in Unity

Took a little break from my Disc Golf Game to do a bit of AI programming in Unity.

What I ended up with was a simple Game of Life with rabbits trying to survive. Each rabbit has a growing hunger and thirst which if not addressed will result in death. The population is also broken into male and female rabbits which can reproduce.

Check out a couple minutes of the simulation running at realtime speed: