My axe, what have you done with my axe!

   Previous bits of the story

With no time to dwell on his pain, Asuck feels his body being dragged across the wet sand. Using all the strength he can muster, he catches a glimpse of what caused the initial pain, and what is now dragging his large body across the beach.

As Asuck eyes begin to focus on the shadowy figure, nausea and disorientation begins to over take his senses. Doing what any Orcish warrior would do in such circumstances, Asuck reaches for his trusty Great Axe, but his fingers find no such weapon. Rage in his voice he screams, “My axe, what have you done with my axe!”.  Dwelling on the sickness no longer Asuck manages to overpower his capture and slips away.

Now, standing face to face he plots his attack, but then a voice from the west echos across the beach, Sea scorpions!

A ship docks at Magnimar harbor on a gloomy night.

       An opening to the Pathfinder Serpent’s Skull Adventure Path

It was a gloomy night when a dark figure boarded a merchant vessel named the Jenivere. Time was of the essence, and Asuck needed to get out of Magnimar. Weeks have passed since that night, and Asuck has kept his secret close.

The ships crew completed their work diligently, and didn’t spend much time speaking with the passengers of the Jenivere. Only eight passengers booked passage on this years trade route from Magnimar to the capital city of Eleder. Eight passengers still added coin to pouch, along with a decent supply of trade good thought Captain Alizandru Kovack’s.

Asuck cared not to converse with the seven other passengers, and decided it best to stay in his quarters till arriving at Eleder. Though every evening he did make a habit of eating with the first mate Alton Devers. Alton was a many of few words, but Asuck could tell a skilled sailor.

Tonight’s dinner, like every night before was a watered down vegetable soup containing little scraps of meat. The soup like always was not that tasty, but did provide the nourishment needed for a Half-Orc of Asuck’s size.

Everything is dark and silent. Then, sensation begins to creep back in, the feel of sand below and of something wet lapping at his feet, the sound of ocean waves washing against a beach, and a heavy pressure over his legs. Then, suddenly, he feels a searing pain in one foot.

    Part two

Holiday stocking stuffer ideas for the Kids

Zombie Dice is fantastic quick played dice game. My kids love it, and their friends they introduce to it want to buy it for their house.

You take on the role of a Zombie, and try to eat as many brains as possible in a single turn,however; if you get shot in the head too many times all those brains were for nothing!

The best part about this game is it’s travel size, easy to setup and cleanup (just dice),and only cost about $11