Oktoberfest Homebrew

So I’m still very green when it comes to brewing beer.

This is only my second attempt at brewing, and my first at kegging the final product.

If you want to follow along with my images of this process go ahead and check out the recipe we got from Austin Homebrew Supply.
Recipe: Oktoberfest

After sanitizing everything I started the boil of the wart, this process by far is the most involved as it takes a couple hours of actually doing something.


Of course I had some assistance 🙂


Once the wart got to the proper stage after adding all the malts and extracts, it was time to add our hops (yummy yummy hops!). Below we have a image of the hops the Homebrew Supply sold us.


Before getting everything in the primary fermenter I needed to take a gravity reading, by taking a reading before fermeanting and after we can get the ABV (Alchoal by volume).


And after a week in the primary ferment-er, and a week in the secondary ferment-er it was time to put it in the corney keg and put it under pressure.


Stay tuned for how the beer taste =)

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