The Nameless City

After picking up our last board game Arkham Horror , We’ve decided to look a little deeper in to the genre by reading up on H.P. Lovecraft .An author during the 1920’s, Lovecraft created the Cthulhu Mythos an American Horror genre.

This genre has became a hit among game developers, especially Fantasy Flight Games who has created a handful of Cthulhu based games.

We have also looked ever so slightly into Call of Cthulhu, Quick Start Guide and role playing game based on the Cthulhu Mythos were you take on the role of an Investigator.

The other night however, we decided to dedicate our evening hours to begin reading some of Lovecraft’s short stories.

We began with a copy of The Complete Collections of H.P. Lovecraft , and started with a story titled The Nameless City . The Nameless City is a short story of about 16 pages (at least on my tablet’s e-reader) . My wife loved the verboseness of Lovecraft’s written style, it really is painting a picture with words.

I very much enjoyed this story, it had elements of excitement and fear, and was written with great detail. We will most definitely be reading more works by H.P. Lovecraft .