DIY Friendly Laser Cutter

Its' been a little over 3 months since I’ve got my hands on the Creality Laser Falcon 10W, and have to say I’m thoroughly impressed.

By this point I’ve been 3D printing for just over 5 years, and my second machine is still hands down my favorite 3D printer, I recommend it to anyone that ask about the hobby.

The Creality’s Ender 3 Pro, and its open platform has brought me and my family loads of joy, and for that reason I jumped on the Laser Falcon as soon as it was announced.

I’ve been on again off again wanting a laser cutter for a couple years, nearly picked up a Glowforge at one point, but the closed eco-system and requirement of their web portal was a big turn off.

With the Laser Falcon, much like the Ender 3 I was able to use simple and open spec tools, cutting uses the same file format as the Ender 3 for example (.gcode files).

Granted I did opt for a non open-source software, but that is because LightBurn is simple, yet powerful, and it only ran me about $40, I can always switch to a open source software in the future if I need.

So what have I been able to make in these last couple of months you ask?

Layered hand painted door hangers:

Laser Cut & Painted Door / Wall Hangers

Laser engraved keychains:

I’m even trying to put more of my journey on Instagram

And since I keep coming up with ideas, and before I completely fill my house I decided to try and sell a few of these creations, go ahead, have a look: