Creating Stickers With AI Assistance

Recently I’ve seen loads of arts and crafts on my social platforms, and I wanted to see how accessible some of these online sticker printing services were.

As someone without a talent for drawning I also wanted to see how far AI, most specifically DALL-E could take me.

I’m no stranger to photography, and vector art softwares, and for this challenege I used Gimp and Inkscape as I’m running a pure Linux environment as my daily driver (and wanted to use open source software).

I started with a prompt (to a script I wrote) that calls ChatGPT’s DALL-E-3 model

$ for i in $(seq 1 20) ; do
  ./ "Cute chibi hacker of groot on laptop, wearing headphone. Make it into a sticker." ;
  sleep 5

After running this script a couple times I had a few samples and quickly decided on which to cleanup and work with.

Using Gimp I removed the background, and cleaned up the edges. With Inkscape (and a free font from DaFont) I added the text I am root, and added the common white sticker border.

Once everything looked good I loaded the artwork into, and purchased 36 pieces 2" x 3" Die Cut Vinyl stickers.

The quality is amazing, and for $0.73 a sticker I couldn’t be happier.