Android Open Trivia Database Application

This month I went from owning an iPhone to an Android, I also decided to freshen up on the new hotness in the Android development realm. I learned Kotlin is now an officially supported Language, Android Studio works much better than the old days of Eclipse and plugins, and OkHttp + Gson make interacting with Rest APIs pretty darn easy. So what did I manage to create? Using a list of public-apis found on toddmotto’s Github I came across the Open Trivia Database .

Android Dice Roller

Found an old Android App I wrote about a year back, this was the first and last Android App I wrote. Android Installable Package for Dice Roller md5 => 49e138fc4b2cf8b83bc28e780ff2411b Source Code can be viewed at Github 4.0 Holo theme on the left and 2.1 default theme on the right