3D Disc Golf Game in Unity Part 2

Put a little bit more effort into my Unity Disc Golf game. I’ve now got ambient sounds and footstep, plus throwing is much easier with only a single click input.
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3D Disc Golf Game in Unity

Still working with Unity and Blender, now I’m use some of the knowledge I’ve gained to construct a physics based disc golf game. At the moment I have 3 settings that effect the disc in flight ( fade , lift and power ), these settings can be seen at the lower corner of the screen, and can be changed using keyboard inputs. My thought is to use these as thresholds on different disc, then implement some sort of click game on each throw.
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Animated 3D Robot Character in Blender

I’ve been brushing up on 3D modeling after a lot of Unity learning, here is a character I made that I actually like, hopefully it makes it into a Unity game sometime soon.
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Blender 2.8 has reached light speed!

With the release of Blender 2.8 I figured it was time to dive back in and see what all the hype was about. I immediately noticed a much cleaner, and much improved user interface. The software really feels like it’s reached the modern generation, huge kuddos to the development team! Due to all the changes, and my time away from Blender I needed a little help relearning the fundamentals. This was where the official Blender channel blew me away.
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Meet Skelly

Over the weekend I did something I haven’t done in a long time, draw. One of the drawings I ended up liking was a cartoon skeleton, now named Skelly . Below you can see a image of the original hand drawn art. And lastly we have it imported in Illustrator and traced, I rather like how he ended up.

Dungeon Tiles

Awhile back I created some Dungeon titles using Photoshop, and thought this would be a perfect spot to share them. I even made a few example maps using these designs.

Pathfinder Blank Spell Cards

First, I absolutely love the spell cards being created over at rpgbooster , the only issue I have is they do not appear to provide blank spell cards. In order to allow the creation of special spells, or alter the appearance of existing cards I’ve went ahead and cleared a few out. This will allow them to be used as a template in the editor or your choice.