Zombie Dice

Was able to pull out a victory last night against my two boys in Zombie Dice with some help from a little Homebrew. If you don’t know what Zombie Dice is, you should have a look at the Tabletop Video. It is a very inexpensive travel sized gamed, which is easy for younger players, and very exciting!

Painting Miniatures

Did some miniature painting over the weekend with my eldest son. I really like the kobold army with leader.

Pathfinder Dice Arena

Last night while checking my email I noticed a very exciting message labeled “Be the First to Try Pathfinder Dice Arena!" . What I received in this email was a link to the Print and Play version of the game, along with information stating the game will be available on Kickstarter later this week. I can’t wait to print out the documentation and give this gave a quick look over.

Chess Anyone?

Four Player Chess Board , the only way to play Chess at the office. As you can can see, we have just recently started a 4 player chess match at my office. The game is loads of fun, but is certainly a twist on the standard chess match.

Elder Sign and Homebrew

Last night the wife and I played Elder Sign, and sampled the Homebrew we started a few weeks back. The Homebrew is starting to come along quite nicely, A few friends said it seems a bit to bitter for an Oktoberfest, but other than that has nice flavors. As for the the game, we were up against the Ancient One Ithaqua . Online Ithaqua is ranked as hard . We were able to seal off this Ancient One, but by the skin of our teeth (there was only one Doom Tracker spot left for him to awaken).