DIY Dungeon & Dragons Terrain

I’ve been spending a lot of time watching Terrain building on Youtube, and Black Magic Craft has some bad ass videos! Following one of his earlier video’s I set out to make myself some realistic foam Dungeon Tiles : I decided to go all in and grabbed myself a Proxxon 37080 Hot Wire Cutter . This table makes cutting the base foam, and the 1x1 grid lines a breeze: After all those cuts I went to texturing using a rolled up ball of Aluminum foil, this step really adds a ton of character to the piece:

More Cardboard Wargaming Terrain

I wasn’t completely satisfied how my paper craft shipping container came out. I thought I could probably do better terrain with cardboard and acrylic paints. That is when Scotty’s awesome DIY 3D Ruins from Cardboard Miniature Terrain gave me some much needed inspiration. Shortly there after I set off on constructing my own scene out of a cardboard box. I managed to constructer 8 pieces in just a couple of days using basic craft supplies:

Excellent Wargame Terrain

I’ve been wanting to play some Star Wars Legion , but don’t have a lot of large terrain to make the matches interesting. Thats when I noticed a had a large pile of cardboard boxes laying in the corner. I originally thought about create structure from this cardboard and painting them, but then I got an idea, why not print out artwork and textures and glue it to the card board.