Deciphering Nostr and it's private keys

I’ve heard of for about a year, but not until recently have I experimenting with it. This post consists of my rough notes as I progressed to sending a nostr message. If you are interested in a bare minimum way to post events to nostr, read on. Generate a new private key $ openssl ecparam -name secp256k1 -genkey -out ec-priv.pem The output here as the file extension notes is PEM:

Raspberry Pi Pico Wireless & CircuitPython

Was lucky enough to get my hands on a couple Raspberry Pi Pico W recently, and just finished up initial exploration. I started with a by flashing the CircuitPython .UT2 to the pico, like always Adafruit has a phenomenal write up on just that. Next I added copied in modules from the 8.x bundle, simply toss the following into your pico’s /lib/ directory: $ ls -1 /Volumes/CIRCUITPY boot_out.txt lib $ ls -1 /Volumes/CIRCUITPY/lib/ adafruit_httpserver.

Raspberry Pi Pico and 433MHz Data Radio

Well its been a minute since I’ve toyed around with electronics, but a $4 Raspberry Pi Pico board arriving in the mail changed that. This board packs a boat load of utility for $4, just check out the data sheet and check out all them I2C and SPI pins! I dusted off the last components I tinkered with, along with a handful of wires. After a couple days of tinkering, I ended up with a 433MHz radio packet receiver.

Diablo RPG Style Inventory System in Unity

This weekend felt like a good time to tackle something new. After successfully prototyping a 3D Disc Golf Game , and then a Game of Life-Simulation , I wanted to explore more of the user interface side. I decided to build an Inventory management system, also decided it best to create a new project, this way I can build the Inventory as a re-usable module for more than one project.

A Game of Life in Unity

Took a little break from my Disc Golf Game to do a bit of AI programming in Unity . What I ended up with was a simple Game of Life with rabbits trying to survive. Each rabbit has a growing hunger and thirst which if not addressed will result in death. The population is also broken into male and female rabbits which can reproduce. Check out a couple minutes of the simulation running at realtime speed:

Wireless Chat using NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz RF Transceiver on Arduino & Raspberry Pi Ubuntu Linux

After a bit of success implementing an Arduino 2.4GHz Transceiver , I was encouraged to explore a more familiar environment, something with Python and Linux in the mix. After a short period of research I landed on the circuitpython-nrf24l01 pypi project page, and quickly began digging through their examples . It wasn’t long after I had a working prototype that mirrored my Arduino code quite closely: Components CanaKit Raspberry Pi Zero W (Wireless) Complete Starter Kit - 16 GB Edition RF24L01+ 2.

Wireless Chat using Arduino & NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz RF Transceiver

It has been quite some time since I’ve tinkered with an Arduino, and this go around I decided to learn something new. The [NRF24L01]( in a new tab)) 2.4GHz Transceiver is an extremely affordable wireless chip, I managed to pickup 10 units for around $12. This chip allows sending and receiving on the 2.4GHz wireless band . Lucky for us there is a great Arduino library just waiting to be imported, thanks maniacbug !

Lord of the Rings Card Game Tracker

Lately, I’ve been playing a bit of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game by Fantasy Flight . The game is seriously fun and quite strategic. Like most strategy games, there is a lot of token and phase tracking, something I thought could be easier with a simple web application! Introducing LotR TCG Tracker !