C# applications deployed with Docker and Mono

Lately I’ve been working a lot with Mono , and building C# applications on Linux. Just recently I discovered the official mono image in the Docker Hub Repo . This image comes with xbuild and NuGet (tools we need for building). So lets do a little work and get a mono application up and running (note I’m using a company application and will remove any references that may be sensitive.) I start by pulling the application’s source code down beside the Dockerfile :

Elasticsearch using Docker

Elasticsearch is a distributed RESTFul search tool over the HTTP protocol. And we are going to use Docker to spin up multiple nodes in the cluster. First we need a server node running Docker. I’m using a Debian server so the command I need is apt-get: # apt-get install docker.io After installing the package make sure the docker command is available: # docker version Client version: 1.3.1 Client API version: 1.