GeoDjango and Taco Bell

I’ve been at it again with GeoDjango , this time I’ve pulled data on all Taco Bells locations from a popular social media site, took that data and added to a Django project, and finally plotted them in a view using Google Maps : Wow, that is a lot of Taco Bells ! Since this is Django, we are also able to view and edit from the admin :

Using GeoDjango to filter by Points

Just recently I found myself playing with GeoDjango , I’ve been using it on both a Ubuntu 14.04 cloud server and a Macbook Pro (OS X El Capitan). GeoDjango allows us to query by geographic points directly on the data model. We are then able to extend the model, and add a custom method to search by zipcode. Using the Django shell we can easily check data in our favorite¬†interpreter :