Get Interface Golang Part 2

Wanted to share a few updates and tweaks to the original Get Interface name by hardware address code. The below is broken up in to functions to help with code re-useability . If also prints all interface names and hardware address when no command line argument are present. package main import ( "net" "fmt" "os" "strings" ) // Use the net library to return all Interfaces // and capture any errors.

Get Interface name by hardware address

At work we have had a need for getting a interface name by mac address and are in a environment that doesn’t have many common Linux tools (nor would I want to regex it as the environment will constantly be changing). My first solution was to to write a C program (about 125 lines) which used the linux/rtnetlink library. However, now that I’m looking at Golang I figured why not rewrite this (which is only about 40 lines).

Geek or Nerd?

So the other day two of my book arrived in the mail. Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide An Introduction to Programming in Go The Go Programming book was so cheap I couldn’t say no (only $9.00), and the Pathfinder Players Guide offered new classes which my kids wanted to check out. So here is the question, does this make me a Nerd or a Geek ?
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