Python Libvirt Domain Configuration

So in my last article I talked a little bit about using libvirt to start and stop QEMU domains. In this article I would like to go over how domains are created. QEMU uses XML files for each domain configuration, and using libvirt we can access that data. First off lets connect to our local running QEMU instance: >>> import libvirt >>> conn ='qemu:///system') Next lets look for and link to a running domain:

Working with Libvirt using Python

Today I decide to toy around with a KVM server we have running in house for testing. I started by using the libvirt Documentation, but it was very limited and I had to do some trial and error. I will go over a few basic things I learned using the libvirt Python module: Normally we us virt-manager to connect to our KVM instances, and the authentication is tunnled over SSH (using SSH Keys) and QEMU .