Can Nostr Events be Manipulated?

If you haven’t been following along, I have a couple of nostr posts at this point. I’ve been trying to further understand nostr by deep diving the protocol. At this point my thought is how mutable are nostr messages (events), I understand that during broadcast the relay verifies the signature, but then they need to store these events in some centralized database, right? Could a rogue relay for example accept your event, then alter it at a later time?

Simple Tools for Interacting with the Nostr Protocol

If you haven’t had a chance to ready my previous post about nostr, it is probably worth checking out as it give a detailed, step by step explanation. With knowledge gained from the previous post I decided to put together a couple of rough python scripts, this is to handle a few of our previously manual steps. Head on over to my Github and check out my nostr_stuff repository:

Deciphering Nostr and it's private keys

I’ve heard of for about a year, but not until recently have I experimenting with it. This post consists of my rough notes as I progressed to sending a nostr message. If you are interested in a bare minimum way to post events to nostr, read on. Generate a new private key $ openssl ecparam -name secp256k1 -genkey -out ec-priv.pem The output here as the file extension notes is PEM: