Raspberry Pi Pico Wireless & CircuitPython

Was lucky enough to get my hands on a couple Raspberry Pi Pico W recently, and just finished up initial exploration. I started with a by flashing the CircuitPython .UT2 to the pico, like always Adafruit has a phenomenal write up on just that. Next I added copied in modules from the 8.x bundle, simply toss the following into your pico’s /lib/ directory: $ ls -1 /Volumes/CIRCUITPY boot_out.txt code.py lib $ ls -1 /Volumes/CIRCUITPY/lib/ adafruit_httpserver.

Raspberry Pi Pico and 433MHz Data Radio

Well its been a minute since I’ve toyed around with electronics, but a $4 Raspberry Pi Pico board arriving in the mail changed that. This board packs a boat load of utility for $4, just check out the data sheet and check out all them I2C and SPI pins! I dusted off the last components I tinkered with, along with a handful of wires. After a couple days of tinkering, I ended up with a 433MHz radio packet receiver.