A ship docks at Magnimar harbor on a gloomy night.

An opening to the Pathfinder Serpent’s Skull Adventure Path It was a gloomy night when a dark figure boarded a┬ámerchant vessel named the Jenivere. Time was of the essence, and Asuck needed to get out of Magnimar . Weeks have passed since that night, and Asuck has kept his secret close. The ships crew completed their work diligently, and didn’t spend much time speaking with the passengers of the Jenivere.

Smugglers Shiv Awaits!

The group has just crashed on smugglers shiv, what awaits them, pirates maybe cannibals? On a side note I found the Pathfinder RPG via Message board idea kind of niffty: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=218738

Dungeon Tiles

Awhile back I created some Dungeon titles using Photoshop, and thought this would be a perfect spot to share them. I even made a few example maps using these designs.

Pathfinder Blank Spell Cards

First, I absolutely love the spell cards being created over at rpgbooster , the only issue I have is they do not appear to provide blank spell cards. In order to allow the creation of special spells, or alter the appearance of existing cards I’ve went ahead and cleared a few out. This will allow them to be used as a template in the editor or your choice.

Pathfinder Equipment in JSON Form

While reading through the Pathfinder Core Rule book I notice there is a specific way to randomly generate magic items for town shops. I thought about possibly creating some code to generate magic items. However, to start I needed the basic data found in the rule book for equipment. Below I give you a JSON file I created of the SRD 3.5 equipment: https://nessy.info/equipment.json In [1]: from urllib2 import urlopen In [2]: from json import loads In [3]: data = urlopen('https://nessy.

Sandpoint at a glance

I’m still relatively new to Pathfinder and tabletop RPGs in general, but being as I’ve just started running The Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path Anniversary edition I’ve created a few handy helper files. One of this files is the Sandpoint at a glance document . This document has been exported as a easy to print PDF, and includes all locations of shops and key points in the town of Sandpoint.