Diablo RPG Style Inventory System in Unity

This weekend felt like a good time to tackle something new. After successfully prototyping a 3D Disc Golf Game , and then a Game of Life-Simulation , I wanted to explore more of the user interface side. I decided to build an Inventory management system, also decided it best to create a new project, this way I can build the Inventory as a re-usable module for more than one project.

A Game of Life in Unity

Took a little break from my Disc Golf Game to do a bit of AI programming in Unity . What I ended up with was a simple Game of Life with rabbits trying to survive. Each rabbit has a growing hunger and thirst which if not addressed will result in death. The population is also broken into male and female rabbits which can reproduce. Check out a couple minutes of the simulation running at realtime speed:

3D Disc Golf Game in Unity Part 2

Put a little bit more effort into my Unity Disc Golf game. I’ve now got ambient sounds and footstep, plus throwing is much easier with only a single click input.

3D Disc Golf Game in Unity

Still working with Unity and Blender, now I’m use some of the knowledge I’ve gained to construct a physics based disc golf game. At the moment I have 3 settings that effect the disc in flight ( fade , lift and power ), these settings can be seen at the lower corner of the screen, and can be changed using keyboard inputs. My thought is to use these as thresholds on different disc, then implement some sort of click game on each throw.

Animated 3D Robot Character in Blender

I’ve been brushing up on 3D modeling after a lot of Unity learning, here is a character I made that I actually like, hopefully it makes it into a Unity game sometime soon.